About Centered Body Pilates

Maile and Blair of Centered Body Pilates Glen ParkAt Centered Body Pilates, we focus on creating a comfortable, calm environment so our students feel at ease and ready for a gratifying workout.

Our approach to Pilates emphasizes muscular balance, symmetry, total body conditioning and a centered core. Our small class sizes ensure a non-competitive, personalized Pilates experience.

Centered Body Pilates focuses on education and developing body-awareness. We don’t view Pilates necessarily as an “end destination.” Instead, we see it as a way to educate yourself to take care of your body, whatever might be happening.  If you are managing chronic back pain or struggling with injuries, we can help.

We opened in Glen Park in 2009. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals, have your body the way you want and to have fun in the process. Our goal is that after every class you walk out feeling better than when you walked in!