Avenne   Avenne

After a shoulder injury from a car accident just wouldn’t heal, Avenne McBride found Pilates and decided that it works like magic. She then had the good fortune to cross paths with Ellie Hermann and be awed by her enthusiasm and her faith in Pilates exercises. To deepen her own practice, she embarked on teacher training in 2001 and began teaching whenever her day job would permit. She opened Centered Body Glen Park in *2006* as a way to share her passion for Pilates with her community.

When she is not evangelizing about Pilates, Avenne lives in Glen Park, trying to transform her house into an Urban Farm with three chickens and two large dogs. So far the farming experiment has only produced eggs, as the chickens devoured the garden.



Blair Bodie has over 17 years’ experience working with the body. She came into Pilates through dance and fell in love with the potential for movement it produces. She has taught in Southeast Asia as well New York City.  She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with an MFA in choreography and received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in dance. She teaches Ashtanga yoga, and has trained in Feldenkrais. She draws from her vast movement vocabulary to teach everything from rehabilitative to athletic training styles of Pilates. She loves to travel and take on new adventures; skydiving scares her to death but she will go again if asked.


Clarissa   Clarissa

I am a Pilates instructor and road cyclist who is madly in love with life, movement, nature, fitness, wellness and good food that’s good for you. Life is short, so I try to make the most of it, live every second of it and inspire you to do the same.

I am really passionate about, and in fact take it as a mission to help turn exercise into a pleasurable endeavor that feels good to the body, challenging to the mind, and into a character building activity as opposed to a strenuous mindless task that just needs to be done or gotten over with.

As a Pilates instructor, I am passionate about sharing with others the changes I’ve experienced in quality of life and overall physical performance as a result from Pilates. I believe that through proper form, alignment and training, the body is capable of achieving anything the mind is set to do. My technique focuses on alignment, proper mechanics, and mind-body awareness for results and a more capable body in and out of the studio.




Wanda discovered Pilates to heal her back pain and repetitive stress injuries she encountered from years of working in the restaurant industry. Even though she had always been quite fit and active, she had muscle imbalances and a weak core. Pilates directly improved these weaknesses allowing her road to recovery began. She was moved by this process such that it sparked her desire to learn more about how the body works and to share this knowledge share with her clients. She believes that people of all ages and shapes can benefit from Pilates.

Wanda is certified with Balanced body and has taken the Level 1 course offered by Eric Franklin. She is currently in the process of becoming a certified Core Align trainer.




Genevieve Buckley started her Pilates training right here at Centered Body in 2008 and has been devoted to it ever since. Originally, she was just looking to recover from a running injury and back problems, but became completely hooked on Pilates thanks to such inspiring Centered Body instructors as Sara, Alison, Sonya and Avenne. A software engineer by day, she has discovered that a focused Pilates practices is THE answer to addressing the postural alignment and lower back issues that come from working at a computer. Amazed by her own improved health, strength and physical appearance as a direct result of Pilates, she felt compelled to share what she’s learned and became a certified Pilates Mat Instructor through Integrated Teacher Training (ITT). She is also a classically trained pianist, avid bicyclist and veteran lindy hop swing dancer of 10+ years.



Toni Hasson has a life time of performance experience, physical and movement education and 14 years of teaching and training experience in Tel Aviv, NYC, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.

Toni believes that it is our birth right being totally healthy, loved, supported and fulfilled in ALL areas of our lives. Happiness, delight and expansion, aren’t privileges, rather the soul reasons for us being born.

Toni has taught people in all levels of fitness and most ages (3 to 85 yrs old), pregnant women, athletes, injured and disabled individuals and dancers. Toni has taught Pilates, classical ballet, Spinning, aerobics, conditioning, modern/ contemporary dance, choreography and water aerobics in one on one sessions and in groups.

Toni teaches body awareness and exploration, posture correction, alignment, balance and stretching; and has been fortunate in being able to help people to tone and strengthen their body, lose weight and manage, prevent, ease and often solve back, neck, knee pain and excessive tension throughout the body.

Toni teaches people to acknowledge these miracles called our body and mind and keep educating, expending & celebrating these miracles. Bring your curiosity!


Isabelle P


Isabelle Pawlik grew up in Munich, Germany, and in 2000 moved to San Francisco to pursue her American Dream. From an early age she developed an appreciation for movement and physical activity through skiing and ballroom dancing, which later progressed in aerobics and cycling. While she enjoys the rush of a cardio workout, she found the movement, breathing, precise toning, and focused core work from Pilates more in line with her body’s needs. Isabelle was especially affected by the positive impact Pilates had on reducing her back pain, which was caused by scoliosis. In early 2014 she began her journey as a Pilates Instructor and has since completed the Balanced Body University Comprehensive Training Program. A civil engineer by trade, she is equally passionate about improving California’s infrastructure as about improving people’s lives through Pilates. She approaches the Pilates work from the perspective of an engineer: dissecting the mechanics of each exercise and applying precise attention to detail to each movement.